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CHANGE MY MIND inspect of Valentine's Day

today is valentine's day, so i just give you all my love

Rules if you don't remember
comment the number you are taking
credit to amyleesesshy
no hotlink
no editing!

Amy Lee x49
Male actors x6
female singers x4
actress x3
TV shows x6 (1st on is a request)


Who's back? I'm back! :)Collapse )

After this post there no more!!!! :( But, you can always rewind your membership at far_awaylee I am only adding my resources and request only!!!!

News post

A new community for my icons is far_awaylee

I think this name is getting annoying and old, I don't like the name anymore. New sets of icons will be post here for the last time. For now on all new icons will be post at far_awaylee Also, I keeping this community still don't worry!!! You can still request and I post all my resources here!!! :)

Thanks for all your support and kind comments you to me. Rewind yourself to the new site.

Come back!

The come back will be MARCH or April!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Complete Resources Post

Full Lists of RescoursesCollapse )

****Please comment if I forget about you. Let me know so I can added you in :)**************

Forever Haitus Until Further Notice

I am in my freshmen year in college. This community won't be update until further notice I get photoshop on my laptop or my PC works.

LONG HAITUS until August!

As someone of you know that my computer that I use to make icons is having techinque problems and being bitch + I will be at Asia the whole month of July. I will be on a long haitus!! I hopefully I can make more icons for you. I didn't have time to upload my photobucket. I have been a little bit busy doing work at my family's company and summer program at my college I going to be a freshmen. So I seek in if I can update this community more. Thanks everyone!
Reminder that all request for icons and friends only banners are due by May 24

Request Post for icons

You can request this month.

I will take request of  icons and friends only banner this month. 
All request are due by May 24


Request by wistful_nana_o

This for wistful_nana_owistful_nana_o</lj>(Marla)
 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
If anyone can use it too. ^^
Just remember if using them must credit to amyleeboy17